Sunday, April 17, 2011

Leipzig April 17, 18, 19

Arrived early afternoon at Leipzig Main Rail Station and walked 10 minutes to our Pension. Of course Leipzig is not your pretty small town like Bomberg or Wurzburg but it should still be interesting. After the first two hours decided we will stop for one day in Wittenberg-Lutherstadt, on the way to Dresden. This leaves us two full days in Leipzig (3 nights) that should be plenty. Again thanks to the German Rail System - no problem getting a train Leipzig - Wittenberg (45 min) and then Wittenberg - Dresden. It is warmer here, in the 60s - finally.

Today, Monday April 18,  went all over town to see Thomas Church, Stasi Museum, Bach, Medelsohn, Nicholas Church, Old Rathaus, Borse and many small streets and corners. One more full day to see a few museums (from the inside). It was 68 and sunny so we had coffee and ice cream in one of the many outside cafes. Have tickets to Lutherstadt Wittenberg on Wednesday.   Seija at the Stasi Museum and Downtown Leipzig on a sunny day.

April 19, another sunny and warm day (74 degrees), went to Bach Museum, Battle of Nations Memorial (Völkerschlachtdenkmal) building began 1829, Museum dedecated to History of Division and Unity of East Germany, also with a one day pass traveled around town (from end to end) by trolley.
Leipzig Attractions   

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