Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dresden April 21 - 25

Arrived at 2:00PM at the main Rail Station, another beautiful day so we walked to our Pension. We will stay in Dresden for 4 nights at Pension Kaubler. A beautiful older house with several rooms to rent and a delicious breakfast table set.

Can only say WOW about Dresden - there is so much to see, Churches, Castles, Halls, Monuments, Gardens, Museums and so on. Also around 30,000 students at the University. Dresden population about 530,000 same as Leipzig but it feels MUCH larger. A great place to visit if in Germany and probably much less expensive than Munich and Hamburg. One of the best transit systems I have ever seen.
Toke a trip to Meissen (30 minutes by train) on Friday, also very interesting, Factory tour was closed but the store was open to look and shop also visited Cathedral and Fortress.

Saturday another day visiting the many sites and several museums including the Armory, Porcelain, Dom Church and the older section across the Elbe River where many students and artist live. It is sunny and 70. Easter day 3 museums at ths Castle Garden, Frauenkirche, Kreuzkirche and a long trip along the river by Tram later on resting in Beergarden.

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