Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bamberg April 16

Our full day day in Bamberg and we had a great German breakfast in our Hotel / Pension. Walked through the hilly city to visit the Dom and Cathedral, Bamberg History Museum, Brewery Museum and some time around the Old City Hall. Another cool day in the high 40s, still waiting for the 60 F days that are supposed to come any day!
It is asparagus season here, many farmers sell there fresh product at the Market. It is like white gold ($10 for a small package).

The Bamberger Dom St. Peter and St. George is one of the German imperial cathedrals and with its four towers, the dominant structure of the World Heritage Bamberg Old Town . Inside are the famous Bamberg Rider , the grave of the only canonized rulers of the Holy Roman Empire and the only pope's grave in Germany and north of the Alps. In addition to the three other Wallfahrtsbasiliken Basilica Marie Weiher , Basilica of the Fourteen Holy and Basilica Gößweinstein fourth is the Bamberg Cathedral, the Basilica Minor of the Archdiocese of Bamberg
So far the best thing about the Rail travel is that we arrive in the center of town and are able to walk to our Hotel, usually 1-2 KM from the RR Station. The streets are clean and save around the Main RR Stations so far and it gives you a change to get a feel of the city and people when walking. Temperature is in the high 40s to low 50s, it should be in the high 60s, maybe soon. Looking back we walk around 5 - 7 miles a day. Prices are more or less like the US - a pint of Beer Euros 2-3, wine 2-3, Dinner 8-15, Coffee 1-2, Euro right now $1,44.
Tomorrow, Sunday, by train to Leipzig (3 hour train ride).

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