Saturday, May 14, 2011

Geneva May 11 - 15

Arrived in Geneva by plane 1:00 May 11 and in the center of city by 2:00 to get picked up by Barbara. With the bus we were at her apartment 20 minutes later. Early evening we walked for 30 minutes to Carouge for drinks, dinner and to meet Patrick who works in that area. After a great dinner and a bottle Rhone wine (Swiss) we went for ice cream (GREAT) and back home via a few side streets and parks. Another 8 mile walking day, thank you Barbara and Patrick. Two more days of sightseeing and meeting friends in Geneva, some we had not seen for over 20 years. Friday we traveled by train to St-Imier, Canton Bern in the Jura, hometown of Patrick. A real Swiss Home dinner on Friday and a Fondue Dinner on Saturday. Sunday we will be back traveling to Geneva and fly to Frankfurt to try the 5:30PM flight to Chicago. We made it in Geneva and Frankfurt (full plane) now back in Grayslake, arrived 9:30PM at home.

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